Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies provide rotating IP addresses that are switched after every Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) request or can be scheduled to be rotated every 3 minutes or 15 minutes. These rotating proxies are perfect for tasks that involve a number of IPs to be used, such as traffic bots, scraping sites and registration of bulk accounts. While rotating proxies have been deemed extremely secure for the above tasks, some operations demand fixed IP addresses. Storm Proxies provides a package for personal dedicated proxies that require quick fixed IP addresses.

Dedicated IPs Rotating Proxy

This plan consists of three types of proxies:

  • After an HTTP request-
    This package generates fresh proxy IPs from a pool of about 70,000 proxy addresses after every new HTTP request. This ensures complete anonymity and security by providing a fresh address for all your tasks.
  • Every 3 minutes-
    These proxy addresses are refreshed and regenerated every three minutes and are ideal for general browsing, account creation and social networking. These proxies are mostly used for shorter tasks that do not have a predetermined session duration.
  • Every 15 minutes-
    These proxies are regenerated after every fifteen minutes and are perfect for tasks with longer session durations. The IP address is changed continuously over a 15 minute period.

To ensure users get maximum security, the rotating IPs are provided from a pool of private addresses. Storm Proxies also provide unlimited bandwidth at no extra charges. This makes sure traffic does not congest a user’s web page.

Rotating proxies provide optimization for the following purposes-

  • Scraping websites
  • SEO tools
  • Mass-scale account registration

Private Dedicated Proxy

These proxies provide fixed IP addresses for tasks that require protection and security over a single IP address. Dedicated private proxies offer the following:

  • Enhanced Security
    These proxy servers are highly anonymous and promise to hold the true IP address of the user hidden. Storm Proxies’ unique, exclusive technology ensures complete anonymity for the user on the web.
  • High Performance
    The proxies are part of a powerful and enhanced network that ensures effective performance metrics that optimize the overall operation of the user’s site on the web.
  • Trial
    Storm Proxies provide a trial period to their users for them to get accustomed to the proxy. They also promise to return 100% of the purchase amount if the customer gets back within 24 hours of purchase unsatisfied and wanting to cancel their order.
  • Service
    Storm Proxies provide unlimited bandwidth at absolutely no surcharge. They also offer instant access to the customer’s purchased proxies without any lead time that is part of most proxy providers’ plans. There is a zero activation lag once the purchase has been made.

Storm Proxies serve their users so that they can maintain an online presence without having to fear the risk of a breach in privacy. Storm proxies provide a complete package that can secure a user’s digital footprint by leaving none of it. They can be used to surf the web, play online games and social networking sites without having to compromise their real internet address.