SSL Private Proxy Review

SSL Private Proxy has emerged as a global name in the cyber security space. With over five years in the industry, their experience has made SSL one of the most sought-after companies in the market. Thousands of users rely on SSL’s secure proxies and safe Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for maintaining anonymity on the internet. SSL Proxies are optimized for use such as media marketing, search engine optimization and social media engagement. SSL’s extensive pool of VPNs and secure proxies support thousands of customers for their independent tasks over the web due to the high reliability, security and anonymity that their proxies provide.

SSL Private Proxy burst into the market due to their competitively priced products and services coupled with strong public advertising. They hold a strong and powerful infrastructure and are in business in over 100 locations.

SSL Private Proxy have not stepped off the gas pedal and are always constantly evolving to serve their customers with better services and newer plans. With monthly surveys, SSL aims to improve upon their service to their customers.


SSL Private Proxy operates over a meshed network by Cisco, with carrier grade fiber optic hubs. This build offers SSL a resilient and high performance backend network that caters perfectly to its extensive set of proxies and virtual private networks while serving thousands of users each day.

SSL Private Proxy provides the following string of high performance characteristics-

  • An intuitive routing routine that offers a high degree of performance.
  • Complete security and protection against cyber attacks like Smurf Attacks and DDOS attacks.
  • Independent optic fiber connectivity to ensure optimum performance and reliability.
  • High quality upstreaming providers.

SSL’s infrastructure is run using Intel’s high performance Xeon processor with a minimum of 8GB internal random access memory and a 1000 Mbps, high-speed internet connection. SSL Proxies hold over 300,000 proxy IP addresses that are delivered to their customers with a 99.99% guarantee rate.

Why Choose SSL Private Proxy?

They holds a clean track record of having served hundreds of customers on a daily basis with a 100% satisfaction rate. They are completely focused on providing only the best solutions for all its customers. Their proxies and VPNs provide a secure method to digitally protect a user’s online credentials. The diligent anonymity provided by SSL helps customers surf the web, use social media sites and operate internet advertising while keeping their original IP addresses totally hidden.

  • Dedicated IP-
    SSL Proxies is the leading name in the private proxy industry. They provide a dedicated IP address to all its customers. These web addresses are exclusively qualified for each user. This providence of individual IP addresses ensures maximum internet security.
  • High Speed-
    SSL Proxies offers a staggeringly fast speed of up to 1 Gbps.
  • Fresh IP-
    SSL Proxies believe that their customers needs come first, always. They provide their users with fresh IP addresses instantly on their demand. Not only is the customer’s online presence kept well hidden, they also feel mentally secure.
  • Control Panel-
    A compatible control panel offers a convenient portal to easily manage one’s proxy services.