MyPrivateProxy Group Review

MyPrivateProxy Group is a leading proxy and a Virtual Private Network provider. The MPP Group offers private and shared proxies along with VPNs to host their users with complete anonymity on the internet. A 100,000 strong pool of dedicated IP addresses is on offer. A potential user can select a dedicated private server or a shared server depending on their purpose. A full-fledged business looking to host its presence online is more likely to choose a private, dedicated proxy server, whereas a start-up in its initial phases is going to go for a shared proxy server.

MPP Group’s vast network of fresh IP addresses promises to provide only the best online protection and identity security. Its strong and helpful customer support team ensures that its customers are a 100% satisfied with the service. MPP Group’s proxies are optimized for use of social media networking sites and for digital marketing with complete online anonymity and security. Their proxies are particularly optimized for the ‘White Hat’ SE and specific digital marketing industries as well. With a truly global presence, MPP Group serves a number of countries with more than 200 proxy servers managed at around 24 centres around the globe.

Why Choose MyPrivateProxies?

Customer Support

MPP Group provides its customers with the best all-round customer support. It hosts a number of ways of extending help viz. via email, live chatting and online ticketing. Customer support executives are experienced professionals that provide the best technical as well as procedural help to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

High Performance

All of MPP Group’s proxies and VPNs are operated using Intel’s high power Xeon processors with an 8GB RAM and a fast 1000 Mbps internet connection. MPP Group uses industrial enterprise-grade software and hardware that provide a 99% efficient digital server. Providing one of the highest network uptimes in the market, MPP Group offers competitive pricing due to their ever-evolving technological prowess and aim to provide the highest value to their users.

MPP Group employs the most skillful talent and uses the expertise of industry veterans to serve their best to users.

Instant Activation

MPP Group provides instant access to the proxies purchased by a customer. Lead time is kept to a minimum and customers are provided by with fast delivery of service.


MPP Group’s proxies and virtual private networks are designed to support each user’s internet activity needs. These proxies provide an elaborate safety shield while using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook by masking a user’s real IP address so that they can surf the web without having to fear about any risk of identity theft and compromise.

Data centres utilise heavy electrical power. With hundreds of data centres around the globe supporting their proxy servers, MPP decided to control their utility costs by introducing cleaner energy. The MPP Group provides proxy services supported by clean, wind energy to their customers in Denver. This not only curbs environmental pollution, but also helps the company drive down their utility costs as compared to conventional methods.